Focused Love Doesn’t Count

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Sermon Notes

When it comes to determining whether we should show love to someone or not, we usually count the cost. We want to find a balance between what we’ll have to sacrifice in order to show love to that person with the benefit and reward we’ll receive for showing them love. Or, at best, we want to get more out of showing love than we have to give. But in the story of Ruth, we see an example of what selfless, sacrificial love that doesn’t count the cost looks like! And through the story of Ruth, we also find our motivation and reason to love our neighbor without counting the cost!
Pastor Troy Schreiner
Victory Lutheran Church–Jacksonville FL
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost (7/10/22)
Sermon Series: Focused
Service Theme: Focused Love Finds a Neighbor Rather than Avoids One
Sermon Text: Ruth 1:1-19a