Questions for Communion Preparation

Q: Do you believe you are a sinner?
A: Yes, I believe it; I have failed God and others in my life. I am a sinner.

Q: Are you sorry for your sins?
A: Yes, I am sorry that I have sinned.

Q: Do you need God’s help and forgiveness?
A: Yes, I need the gift of life He gives through Jesus Christ.

Q: What has Christ done for you?
A: He died for me and shed His blood for me on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins.

Q: Do you believe that in communion you receive the true body and blood of Christ with the bread and wine?
A: Yes, I believe it because of His Word and promise.

Q: Are you in agreement with everything that is taught at Victory Lutheran Church?
A:  Yes, I believe Victory and the WELS teaches God’s Word with accuracy. I understand that I am proclaiming unity with the congregation by receiving Holy Communion with the congregation.