Military Resources
Reboot Recovery
“At REBOOT Recovery, we help people overcome trauma. Our faith-based trauma healing courses, training, and online community are open to anyone looking to move forward from trauma and tragedy into a better future.”
Team RWB
“Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) exists to guide [veterans] through [their wellness] journey with real-life and virtual opportunities focused on building a healthier lifestyle because a strong focus on mental and physical health is critical to ensuring veterans’ best days are ahead.”
Resilient Recovery
“Resilient is a Christian support group. We make it easy to get help because we remember how hard it was to reach out for help the first [or the 20th] time. We will make you feel comfortable because we’ve been where you are now.
Our program works because it is built on historical Christian practices that promote change. We get help from scripture and the Holy Spirit. And our program is informed by the latest science on recovery.”
Heal Vets
Warrior Call
Lutheran Military Support Group
Warriors of Faith Bible Study