Appendix A


Recording the Sermon

  1. Open Icon “Wave Pad Sound Editor”
  2. Click on Red Dot to start recording the sermon.
  3. Click on the gray square button (to the right of red record button) to end recording.
  4. Save as Date of Sermon (1-2-00) in the SERMON Recordings Folder, located on the desktop.                Select the applicable year folder and then the applicable month folder.
  5. Cick Save


Uploading the Sermon

  1. Click on the browser icon located next to the “Start” button on the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Open up the “ website
  3. You should have a login in screen (Example A)
  4. Tyoe in the user name: Usher
  5. Type in the password:Victoryusher2017
  6. You should have a screen with the church’s website screen up and on the right hand side you            should see advanced. (Example B) Click on the Advanced icon in the lower left.
  7. You should be at a screen that has sermons on the left. Move your mouse to sermons another box      will appear.  Click on Add Sermons. (Example C)
  8. Fill in the Following Fields as follows: (Example D)
  9. Title—should be the title of the Sermon in all CAPS.
  10. Verify the date is correct
  11. Download the file by click on Select Audio File
  12. Click the Upload Files tab
  13. Click the Select Files in the middle of the screen

                                                iii.     Find the file then click open

  1. Click on the file you just uploaded and click on Set Audio on the lower right. You should be back       at the Sermon Page
  2. Then verify the Date
  3. Click the appropriate preacher (Usually Phil Hoyer)
  4. Be sure to select the series (Bill Harvey will have the series their for you)
  5. The put in the box below Sermon Description the Bible Text exactly the way it reads in the                  bulletin
  6. Click Publish after verifying all information is correct
  7. You should see the screen like (Example E)
  8. Click on Victory Ushers (Example F)
  9. Then click on Log Out
  10. You should be at the screen with the login (Example G)
  11. Go to (Type this address in the address in the browser) (Example H) Click on Sermons Heading
  12. Verify that the Sermon is on the Webpage