Welcome to the STEPtember Stepping Challenge

Thank you so much for your interest in the STEPtember Family Stepping Challenge. We are looking forward to a fun month of competition. As the bulletin announcement said, the STEPtember Family Stepping Challenge will be an opportunity for you to compete:

  • Individually; with each person who registers,
  • as a group; with those in your age group,
  • as a team; against other teams,
  • personally; against yourself and your own goals.

Time Frame
The STEPtember family Stepping Challenge will run from September 3 – September 30. This time frame will be broken into four (4) one week challenges of 7 days each. These weekly challenges will be used to recognize Achievements made individually, by team, and by age group.

  • Week 1: September 3-9
  • Week 2: September 10-16
  • Week 3: September 17-23
  • Week 4: September 24-30

There is no age restriction to participate in the STEPtember Family Stepping Challenge.
Anyone from 0 – 100+ is welcome join us in our competitions.

As part of the registration process you will be asked to indicate your “Shoe Group”, which is based on your age group. This will be for the purposes of Achievement Recognition by Shoe Groups/Age Groups, upon registration you will be asked to select the category into which your age fits. However, the age group will not be listed on the Achievement Certificate. Instead your group will be represented by the name of the shoes connected with your group.

  • 0-10      New Balance
  • 11-20    Sketchers
  • 21-30    Crocks
  • 31-40    Earth Shoes
  • 41-50    Adidas
  • 51-60    Keen
  • 61-70    Dream Paris
  • 71+       BeautifulFeet

To participate in STEPtember you will need three things:

  • You will need a step tracker.
    • You can use any type of step tracker that tracks your steps. Popular trackers include:
      • Pedometers
      • Fitbit
      • Garmin
      • Polar
      • Smart Watches
      • Step tracking Apps for your phone
    • As long as you have a tracker that can track your septs on a daily basis and you can enter the information online you are set.


  • You will need to register for the STEPtember Stepping Challenge.


  • You will need to Walk, Record your Steps and Report them.
    • You will be able to report your steps daily or weekly by logging into the reporting site based on the week for which you are entering information:
      • Week 1: http://www.victorylutheran.org/Week1
      • Week 2: http://www.victorylutheran.org/Week2
      • Week 3: http://www.victorylutheran.org/Week3
      • Week 4: http://www.victorylutheran.org/Week4

Teams and Team Captains
Anyone can form a team and join a team. When you register you will have the opportunity to add your team name in the appropriate field of the registration form. If you are the team captain there will also be a check box for you to indicate as such.

If it should happen that after you have registered for STEPtember you change your mind and

  • decide to join a team
  • change Teams
  • prefer not to be listed on a team
  • need to be listed as a team captain
  • or need to be removed from the captain position

simply send the correction (added / removed team name or captaincy) by text or by email and your information will be updated.


Reporting Your Steps
When it comes to reporting your steps you will have the option to report them daily, a few days at a time or the entire week all at once.

Each week the Recording site for that week will be open for 9 days; from Sunday through Tuesday of the following week. Any steps not reported by midnight of the 9th day will be forfeit.

For example, the reporting sites will be open from:

  • Week 1: September 3 – midnight September 12.
  • Week 2: September 10 – midnight September 19.
  • Week 3: September 17 – midnight September 26.
  • Week 4: September 24 – midnight October 3.

Because of this time frame each week’s reporting site will be slightly different, yet very easy to remember:

  • Week 1: www.victorylutheran.org/Week1
  • Week 2: www.victorylutheran.org/Week2
  • Week 3: www.victorylutheran.org/Week3
  • Week 4: www.victorylutheran.org/Week4

Because of the limitations of the recording site, real-time updates will not be available. However, updates will be posted online at every 24-48 hours at www.victorylutheran.org/STEPtemberStats

Achievement Recognitions
The STEPtember Family Friendly Stepping Challenge is much more than a competition to see who can get the most steps! It is an opportunity to compete on multiple levels and receive recognition for your accomplishments.

Each week, following the close of the reporting link at midnight, certificates for achievements during the past week will be generated. These achievement certificates will be sent out by email or text, based on personal preference recorded during the registration process. Certificates will be sent out no later than Saturday following the closing of the Step Reporting Site for that week.

Achievements will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Overall Step Accumulation
    • Individual and Team Categories
      • Each week the 3 individuals and the 3 teams who have achieved the most steps for that week will receive an achievement certificate for their accomplishment.
    • Shoe Group
      • Each week the 3 individuals who achieved the most steps for that week in their respective age groups will receive an achievement certificate for their accomplishments.


  • Goal Achievement
    • Individual Category
      • Each week the participants who have met or surpassed their weekly step goal will receive an achievement certificate for their accomplishment.
    • Team Category
      • Each week the teams who have met or surpassed their weekly step goal will receive an achievement certificate for their accomplishment.

Websites for STEPtember

  • Registration
  • STEPtember Stats (updated every 24-48 hrs)
    • www.victorylutheran.org/STEPtemberStats
  • Step Reporting
    • Week 1: (Sep 3-9)      www.victorylutheran.org/Week1
    • Week 2: (Sep 10-16)  www.victorylutheran.org/Week2
    • Week 3: (Sep 17-23)  www.victorylutheran.org/Week3
    • Week 4: (Sep 24-30)  www.victorylutheran.org/Week4

Additional Questions or Concerns
If you find that these pages have not fully answered your questions, please direct them to me and I will be happy to answer them. I will also add them to these pages as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) as a resource for others.

Thank you
Thank you again for your participation in our STEPtember Family Stepping Challenge. We are looking forward to a month filled with fun, fellowship, frivolity, and maybe even some fitness.


Last Updated August 16,2017