Usher Duties and Responsibilities



  • To asssit parishioners in their worship by providing a warm, friendly and joyful atmosphere.
  • To assist any who are in need; especially welcome new visitors. Let families with small children know     where the nursery, bathrooms and Quiet Room are located.
  • Answer any question people might have, refer them to a council member or pastor, if necessary.
  • To record attendance.
  • To make sure the financial secretary gets the offering.
  • It is recommended that you wear a tie and coat. However, clean, neat and friendly appearances are      all that is required.  NO JEANS OR SHORTS.  Usher badges will be made available.

General Responsibilities

  • During Advent and Lent, ushers from previous Sunday are responsible for mid-week service
  • If you are unable to usher on assigned Sunday, try and find a replacement. If unable to find a                  replacement, contact the Head Usher, Shane Lomen at (904) 318-0719 or

 Pre-Service Checklist:

  • Ushers should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the worship service.
  • Review bulletin to see if there are any baptisms or other special events. Meet with Pastor for              instructions.
  • Turn on computer and prepare to record sermon.
  • Dim lightning in sanctuary until beginning of service. Keep sanctuary doors closed.
  • Light Candles 10 minutes prior to the start of the worship service.
  • Have one usher stationed at the entrance to the sanctuary to hand out bulletins 15 minutes prior to        the service. Greet everyone as you hand out bulletins; be aware of the number of bulletins available,    if getting low only give bulletins to adults and ask couples to share.
  • Make sure service begins on time by encouraging people to be seated.
  • Both ushers should remain stationed in the rear of the church during the service to assist members        and visitors.
  • Keep Sanctuary Doors closed during worship service.

 Recording Sermon

  • During either service, it is responsibility of the ushers to record the sermon and then upload to                Victory’s website.
  • See Appendix A for Directions (Click on Appendix A)


  • Stand in the back of the center aisle until Pastor motions the usher team to come forward to receive    plates. Hand out friendship registers as you come forward to receive offering plates. After collecting    offering, station yourself in the center aisle and wait for Pastor to turn and face congregation.  Carry      plates to the altar and then return to your sear in rear of church.

 Recording Attendance

  • It is recommended that attendance be counted about 15 minutes after service starts, or, prior to            Pastor dismissing children for Children’s Church. Record attendance on slips available in media              center.


  • Prior to the worship service. Pour a pitcher of warm water into baptismal font. Pitcher is located in        closest to the right of the altar. Introduce yourself to the family prior to the worship service. During        the last verse of the baptismal hymns, look for pastor to motion for the family. Usher family to the          front and stand on the side of the aisle until the baptism is complete Then usher the family back to        their seats. At the end of the worship service, water from the baptismal font can be dumped on the        grass outside. Make sure you dry the inside of the baptismal font.  It is very important that the water    gets dumped from the baptismal font.  The water will cause a ring inside the baptismal font if water      is left in it.

 Holy Communion

  • Two usher system. One usher will serve as the “gate” stationed at the front of the center aisle. He will     ensure that no more than 14 communicants come forward to the altar at a time.  Guide communicants     to and from the altar, assisting elderly members, as necessary.  Ensure that communicants return to       their seats using the side aisles. 

      (Note: Left side communicants should be Instructed to exit around the front of the piano).

 Close of worship Service

  • During the last hymn, open sancturary doors.
  • One Usher should be assigned to dismiss congregation. Pastor starts moving towards the Narthex,        the usher should to the front of the church (it is recommended that you usea side aisle) and working      from the center aisle and alternating from left to right, usher congregation out.  Pay attention to the      progress fo the people exiting.  If the line gets too long, wait for it to thin out and then continue to        usher congregation out. 
  • One usher should station himself in the rear to assist Pastor, as necessary.

Post-Service Checklist

  • Snuff out the altar candles
  • Ensure Counters take offering plates are taken to Secretary’s Office
  • Retrieve the friendship registers from the pews, pull out sheets, place registers on the Church              Secretary’s desk along with the attendance sheet.
  • Fill altar candles with oil, There should be a soft cloth available to wipe any fingerprints off brass.


Emergency Procedures

  • In case of illness, assist person as needed. The following members are trained in CPR and First Aid –    Rachel Cochran RN, Bill Harvey (Firefighter/Paramedic), Cary Milk, Cindy Nelson RN, Shane Lomen.
  • In case of Fire, assist in leading the congregation outside through front and side doors and away from    building. If situation permits, conduct walk through of all rooms to ensure everyone is out of the              building.
  • Should you be required to call 911 – advised 911 of your emergency and provide address of church        4651 Kernan Blvd S. The call back number is (904) 642-8900 or use your cell phone number if you          used your cell phone. One of the ushers should should position himself outside to direct arriving            emergency personnel.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • The AED is located in the kitchen closet, left hand side. Only those certified may operate the AED. 



Also Robert Krantz is a Law Enforcement Officer and can be called upon in emergency situations.

**Become familiar with theses individuals, noting where they are seated**
Updated November 2017